At Skyline Healthcare Center We Offer

a 24-hour Licensed RN and LVN Staff for our patient treatment and care. With services that include IV Therapy, pain management, Wound Care, Medication management; our nursing staff is compassionate and caring. At Skyline, we believe that working together as a team can save lives.

Specialty Services

Pharmacy Services

Inhalation Therapy

Dental Care

Colostomy Care

Mental Health

Diagnostic Imaging

Audiology Services

Optometry Care

Catheter Care

Mental Health

Laboratory Services

Podiatry Services

Wound Care

Respiratory Services

Health Education


Read what our clients have to say..
  • “I really enjoy my stay here, the people are great. The staff is very responsive, loving and cheerful, even when I’m having a bad day no matter the time I’m greeted with a good morning smile. The therapy department is very good and encouraging, they allow me to go at my own pace to improve day to day until I feel comfortable and safe enough to go home.”

    Georgia Levi

    Georgia Levi
  • “My stay at Skyline was wonderful and I’m so thankful for the staff. I was so upset when I first came here after my open heart surgery and I just wanted to go home, the staff convinced me it was best for me to stay and I am so glad that I did. Now only two weeks later I walked a whole mile confidently today thanks to therapy and my nurses. I would highly recommend this place for anyone to come to. Clean room, clean body! I just want to thank them for sending me home independently and ready to move on with my life.”

    Rachelle Hill

    Rachelle Hill
  • “I came here two years ago after my stroke. Skyline has supported and helped me every step of the way. Since I came here I have received speech, occupational and also physical therapy which have really helped. My favorite part of my stay so far is truthfully all of the good friends I have made. I also really enjoy the activities because the staff takes us on community outgoings, cooks food and just helps my day go by faster.”

    Murdo Warsono

    Murdo Warsono
  • “I’ve been here for six years now and I like it very much. I have diabetes and I’m blind but with the help of the staff I make it through my days with ease. The nursing staff is great and there is always lots of activities going on to help stay busy. Also Rehab helped me to be able to feel safe and confident while walking on my own. There’s really never a dull moment here!”

    Carol Conaway

    Carol Conaway


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